We are delighted to be involved in that amazing project. The Left-Wing Journal was selected for the Dublin Art Book Fair 2022 in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. Great piece of art by Augustine O’Donoghue  (augustineodonoghue.com). We worked closely with the artist herself on the newspaper layout. We carefully prepared CMYK files to be ready for printing.
The Left-Wing Journal is an agit-prop newspaper created by the gulls as part of their campaign to educate and challenge the negative views many humans have of gulls. The gulls seek to share alternative views to the mainstream human media, one that creates common cause with humans in a struggle against capitalism to save the planet for both humans and animals alike. The paper also carried articles from their fellow human allies including Birwd Watch Ireland and Jess Spears paleoceanographer among others. Other artworks include fictional photographic and text artifacts from the gulls uprising. The project is toured port town in Wales and Ireland.

Public artwork commissioned by University College Cork and Aberystwth University Wales

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